Hi, I'm Ben. Below are four things I love dearly:

Looks great on every device
  • God
  • Music
  • Innovation
  • Business

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"Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?" ~Steve Jobs (to PepsiCo marketer and later CEO of Apple: John Sculley)

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The BOSI Entrepreneurial DNA test says I'm type "Innovator-Builder", the same type as Steve Jobs :)

To be transparent, it's spot on when it talks about my strengths and weaknesses:

That's why I've paired myself with:

Jake Shelby

Jake is my CoFounder at CharitySound. I consult with Jake on anything and everything business. He is a brilliant business mind with great integrity .

A cookie

Also Dave Mcharness and Alex Anderson

  • All three are hecka "Builder-Opportunists", learn more here.
  • They perfectly complement my weaknesses.
  • We live together in a house in Northern California.
  • We are currently recruiting technical cofounder/employees, and raising capital for a business called CharitySound.


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Benevolent, Sustainable Music

We are pursuing a new age in the music industry. The 20 million who bought Britney's last record are not fans of music- they're fans of popular culture. We want to bring bands, soul, and social movements back into this industry by way of Benevolence.

CharitySound is for the artist or band without label represenation that has great music but isn't getting heard. We leverage cause marketing to start social music movements. To "Live with Heart".

Who's going to use CharitySound?

  • Bands
  • Artists
  • Consumers
  • Charities

Our model is based on one core feature: discounts for social sharing and subscription.

CharitySound partners with one charity a month. Consumers can purchase full albums for as low as $1 USD by the issuing of discounts for each Facebook like, Twitter/Google follow, Youtube/Instagram subscription, social share, and fan recruited for the artist. We then split the sales evenly three ways: charity, artist, and revenue.

Our UX or "User Experience" is purposfully structured and designed to produce a high viral coefficient.

I also love web/graphic design and cinematography.
I ♥ camera gear.

Our workspace

A tool to create content.

To me the idea of being able to create my own content is not only important, but necessary. Media compels the heart and body to motion.

Anything and everything you see branded and designed for CharitySound was created by, or was sifted through my hands. I have done sound, cinematic, and graphic design for various organizations including: Invisible Children, Gideon's International, Godwhy.com, Iris Global, Lifechurch.tv, Mercy29 (Now Iris Nashville), and Wonderlust Productions.

Cool things I've made/help made.

IllumiHottie Clothing

IllumiHottie Clothing

I was hired by a clothing company called "IllumiHottie", which is a fun spin off on the popular conspiracy theory: The Illuminati. I designed and developed this site. Website type: eCommerce with Stripe & Paypal payment gateways.

Applied Technology Solutions


I have a full-time job developing websites for a company in Redding, CA called Optimize Worldwide. AppliedTS.net is one of our clients. I built this brochure site for them.

Father of Lights Film

Father of Lights

We allowed Darren Wilson to use some of our footage from "Colours", a documentary I am currently working on. The footage also made it's way into Compelled by Love.

Compelled By Love the Film

Compelled by Love

I served as the branding and graphic designer. A small segment of the film was my cinematography as well: The Indian story near the end. The project shot originally for an Iris Nashville film.

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